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706 square metre WINAICO solar installation at Cook Medical

Thu, 5 March 2015

Cook Medical, an international medical device manufacturer, has installed a 706 square metre, 99.90kW solar panel field on its Brisbane rooftop. The installation, a partnership with Positronic Solar and WINAICO, is the largest Passivated Emitter-Rear Contact (PERC) solar installation in the Asia Pacific region.

The design utilises Schneider-Electric inverters and WINAICO high efficiency PERC 280 W monocrystalline modules. The panel installation was completed in January, and carried out by local company Positronic Solar.

Barry Thomas, Vice President of Cook Medical and Managing Director of Cook Medical Australia, said that the decision to harness solar power was sensible; reducing costs and helping the environment. “The investment was significant, but even so we expect our solar panels will pay for themselves within 15 years,” he commented.

“We’ve chosen an extremely efficient technology, and the panels are now offsetting on average 30 per cent of the power we use each day. The panels are not only efficient even in low light, but also perform very well at high temperatures – which is of course very important here in Queensland.”

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