Intelligent Installations

  Grid Hybrid Systems

Positronic's BI48200ZERO has true UPS functionality. It comes in one compact enclosure including inverter and battery, meaning your wall is not covered in unsightly gadgets and conduits. It provides 5kWh of stored energy at up to 4.6kW output. The BI48200ZERO is designed and installed by a business with over 25 years experience in battery technology, 5 years in Lithium.

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Energy Storage Systems


Once installed the maintenance needs of the ESS is minimal. Positronic recommended an annual system check to ensure the connections and batteries are still fine. 

The ESS can be monitored remotely through a data logging system. 

     The battery

The most important component of an ESS is the battery. Undersizing leads to excessive discharge and oversizing makes the system unnecessarily expensive. 

In the 'old days' batteries were sized to provide five days autonomy in case of bad weather. This was done to ensure normal depth of discharge was not too deep and because panels were expensive. These days, panels are a tenth of cost and battery management systems are designed to provide better protection against deep discharges. 

Positronic uses lithium ferrous phosphate batteries (LiFePo) which put them above the competition. LiFePo batteries store much more energy than lead weight. This energy density is the primary factor allowing packaged energy storage systems. They are also one of the safest batteries on the market. They will not burn if overcharged or pierced and are full sealed. Our batteries have a life of 4000 discharge cycles which is about 10 years. 

The batteries are used when the demand from your premises is higher than the generation from the solar panels. In the case of terrible weather or big load demand, the ESS will automatically charge from the grid or start a generator which will deliver power to the premises and charge the batteries. The charge will turn off when the batteries are 80% full.

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    The basics

Energy Storage Systems ('ESS') are designed to capture and store excess energy that your solar panels produce. The power is stored in specially designed batteries, which release power when the power generation of the panels don't meet the demand, like at night or in a storm. If you installed a large enough battery system you could live off-grid, that is, you would never have to buy power again. 

These systems are great for both on and off-grid home solar systems or business solar systems. Positronic Solar Data and Electrical renewable energy storage systems are state of the art.